Pineapple Industry in Malaysia was first started in 1888 by an European in Singapore. It was then brought to Malaya (West Malaysia) particularly Johor since it is geographically located nearest to Singapore. Pineapple was later spread to Selangor and Perak. The plants were grown under coconuts, areca nuts and rubber. The expansion of rubber industry has resulted in the increment of the acreage of pineapple as an inter-crop. Realizing this, in 1934 the Johor state Government took necessary legislative measure to ensure the areas located for pineapple cultivation would be protected from erosion and their fertility maintain. This has led to the enactment of Pineapple Industry Ordinance by the Johor state Government in 1954 and later The Malayan Pineapple Industry Board was established in 1957. And in 1992 it was changed to The Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board. The functions of the Board as stated in the Act are as follows:

a) The financing of agronomic and processing research programmes for the industry;
b) The negotiation of agreements on prices and grade of pineapples for sale to canneries;
c) The regulation of the production, grading and marketing of pineapple for sale to canneries
    and of canned pineapple;
d) Administration of quality control and health regulations; 
e) Administration of cess fund and making recommendations regarding the rate of cess;
f ) Collection of statistics and maintenance of statistical records of the industry;
g) Any other matters affecting the industry.

The Malaysian canned pineapple industry, though relatively small industry, plays an important role in the country's socio-economic development particularly in Johor. The industry provides employment for people in the canneries, estates and small holder families. In addition, it also contributes towards the other supporting economic activities such as tin plating industry, packaging and transportation. Although pineapple can be grown all over the country, the planting of pineapple for canning purposes is presently confirmed to the peat soil area in the state of Johor which is the only major producer of Malaysian Canned Pineapple. In other states such as Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Negeri Sembilan and Sarawak, pineapple are planted specially for domestic fresh consumption. Pineapple is traded in the world market in the form of canned pineapple, single-strength juice of pineapple concentrate and fresh fruit. The pineapple juice can be consumed as a straight or mixed with other juices or blended with other fruits.


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